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Newsletter - I'm A Guinea Pig
November 23, 2016

You may recall I am registered at TippingSports both as a tipster and also as a user of the 2 best tipsters.

But today I consider myself a guinea pig for their latest facility which automatically places the tipsters tips for me on Betfair - without either using the BF Bot or running the software on a virtual server.

The problem with bot is that you need to keep your computer running continually or use a virtual server to run the software.

As Rade, the manager of TippingSports says:

It is for users that find bot too complicated for use or that just want to follow tipsters with level stakes without having to run bot at their own computer or VPS 24/7 etc.

So I will let you know how I get on with my 5 day free trial and get back to you soon.

Regards Chris

PS if you wish to contact me my email is

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