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Newsletter - Tipping Competition Augusr Results
September 03, 2018

In August we had 203 tipsters and 83 of them finished the month in profit! We had more tipsters and more profitable tipsters than the the last two months! The number of profitable tipsters is increasing and there are more and more profitable tipsters!

Winners for August 2018


Barry Watts from United Kingdom won first place and £200 prize. His strike rate was 22.66% and he won 96.18 points. His tips are mostly for horse racing events.

+77.61 The-Comfort-Zone

James Greenshield from Scotland won second place and £100 prize. James had highest number of tips compared to other two top tipsters. his strike rate was 18.76% and he made nice profit of 77.61 points

+63.95 PBTips

Artur Francisco Antunes de Sousa won third place and £50 prize. With only 34 tips Artur managed to win third place and make profit of 63.95 points. His strike rate was 32.35%.

This is a great way to prove your tipping skills and get rewarded if you are successful.

Competition is free, there are no fees to join the competition. You just register or login to your existing account and start posting tips.

Competition terms and conditions apply, so please make sure you read those carefully before you start tipping. There are limits and rules on number of placed tips and points.

Tipping Competition

Regards Chris

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