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Newsletter - TippingSports Free Trial
October 19, 2017

TippingSports not only offer a free tips service from a wide range of sports (all proofed on site) but also a means of placing the tips automatically on your Betfair account.

For new members we have prepared a special offer, free period to try out paid tipsters and automated betting on tips functionality by TippingSports that does not require any download or installation.

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This is their report:

In last two months we have seen some tipsters make a good profit. Free tipster "Secretariat" got winning tip at huge odds of 560 and other football tipsters like "Stockholm" and "Zhole" made nice profit as football seasons started. As time goes by we can see that there are profitable tipsters over long periods of time.

Some of them are members for more than a year now and they keep making a nice profit over time. There is no tipster that constantly makes profit, but overall there are tipsters that are profitable most of the time.

Below you will find list of tipsters that are on good run at the moment and profitable over long period of time.

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We also released new application for Android devices that is available to registered members. Please see below for details.

Secretariat tipster profile P/L: +£5,809.60 Secretariat has made highest profit so far. His strike rate is low, but his tips win at high odds. Last week one of his tips won at Betfair Start Price of 560, record winning odds at our web site.

Troubadour tipster profile P/L: +£2,902.60 Troubadour is one of best horse racing tipsters. Most of his tips are for South African horse racing, but there are tips for Australian racing too. For last seven months he made huge profit. Beside tips he also regularly posts at his profile page advice and very useful information about each day races.

Stockholm tipster profile P/L: +£1,325.60 Stockholm tipster specialized in football tips for major European leagues. He is a member since March, so his overall profit is lower than for other top tipsters. Strike rate of 58.16%is very high as tips are usually at smaller odds, with ocassional tips at higher odds.

Zhole tipster profile P/L: +£815.20 Zhole is football tipster. He had 10 profitable months from total of 16 months. He is one of oldest members at our web site. If we forget about early loss from last year when he registered and learned how our web site works then he is in very nice profit.

Tipster profit is displayed in British pounds where 1 tip point has value of £10.

Profit is calculated by using Betfair Start Price or price that was available few minutes before event start time and 4% Betfair commission is deducted from any market profit for each tipster.

Betting on all tips can be fully automated by using one of following two solutions:

Automatic betting on tips by TippingSports - recommended for new users and users that want "set and forget" solution for betting on tips.

Bf Bot Manager V3 betting bot - recommended for advanced users that want to fine tune their settings or apply staking plans.

Both automated betting solutions are fully approved by Betfair security team.

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Regards Chris

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