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Newsletter - A Must Have In Your Betting Armoury
November 08, 2016

If you have yet to join TippingSports I would urge you to join without delay.

I have literally doubled my betting bank in the last couple of weeks - all from the free tips supplied by this very successful site. The two leading tipsters have accumulated 263 points profit between them since August.

What's more the betting software will place the bets for you on Betfair - all you need do is check the day's winnings!

As I say the tips are currently free but I know there are plans afoot to allow the tipsters to charge for their services. So join now while there is no charge.

Try the bot to place tips for you (which means you will never miss any) on a 5 day free trial. To Buy on a monthly basis is £29.95 which is good value as you will get this back within a short while.

Check out TippingSports right now.

Kind Regards

Chris PS If you wish to contact me email is

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