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Newsletter - Tipster Competition Results
April 03, 2018

TippingSports introduced a tipping competition in February and the March prizes for the top three have just been awarded. 1st prize is £200, 2nd prize is £100 and 3rd prize is £50.

Here are the latest winners:

Prize competition is becoming more popular and in March we had record 246 tipsters competing where 95 tipsters finished month in profit! 7 tipsters managed to win more than 100 points and 24 tipsters won more than 20 points.

For April we made small adjustment and set maximum price for settling tips to 40. This will improve quality of tips, increase tipsters strike rate and make competition more interesting.

Winners for March 2018


Gayle Cobb won first place and £200 prize. Gayle placed 452 tips with strike rate of 39.38%. Tip on horse "Itsmydarlin" at Vaal (RSA) track on 6th March won here 210.7 points (106.35 BSP). Other wins include tips on "Glitterrock" at odds of 38.53, "7. Miss Rich" at odds of 25.49 and "Nobody Home" at odds of 25.

+189.41 luckystar

Nancy Leon won 2nd place this month. Nancy placed 824 tips with strike rate of 8.50%. Most of her profit comes from two tips, those are tip on "9. Midwest Crown" at odds of 143.93 that won her 285.86 points and tip on "5. Midair Meltdown" that won here 198 points at BSP of 100.

+184.78 Boristheblade

Gavin Mcintosh won third place with tips on Australian horse races. He had 109 winning tips with strike rate of 17.96%. He tipped only Australian horse racing events and had many winning tips at good odds.

This is a great way to prove your tipping skills and get rewarded if you are successful.

The TippingSports Competition is free, there are no fees to join the competition. You just register or login to your existing account and start posting tips.

NB The platform is run as an add on to the well known BF Bot Manager for which you can get a free trial.

Regards Chris

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