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Newsletter - TippingSports Update
September 14, 2016

Just a quick update to share my experience of TippingSports and using the BF Bot to automatically place bets.

I'm pleased to say that the system works well overall so here are a few pros and cons


The top tipsters are performing consistently:

Frontie (Australian dog racing) 81 points profit since 22/8/16

Ikanbillis65 (UK horse racing) 71 points profit since 23/8/16

Philip (International football) 71 points profit since 7/7/16

I am currently in 5th place with 42 points profit since 19/8/16

All the tips I have set up on the bot to get placed automatically are getting placed. This is invaluable as footy tips especially can arrive at any time of day and usually very close to the start of the event.

I can adjust the stakes for each tipster and could set up a staking plan for each, although I am using level stakes at present.


You need to keep your computer running at all times

If the program is closed down you need to remember to restart each Strategy as they will go to Pause status. You won't have to set them up again though.

You can check out TippingSports for yourself (you will need to register but that's free) - Click Here



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