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Newsletter - Don't Ignore The Dogs
October 06, 2016

If in the past you have tended to look down on greyhound racing, think again.

I regularly include them in my betting portfolio - not that I'm an expert myself, far from it, but those who do know about the dogs know a lot.

The reason I suspect is that like most dog owners they are passionate about them. While a lot of horse race tipsters have never actually cared for one, greyhound tipsters actually own a couple.

You may or may not know that I put up Timeform's greyhound tips every day on my site at Free Greyhound Tips and very well they do too. Greyhound Smartplays at 05 Oct are up £915.70 since 1st January.

You can also join TippingSports where Fontie is showing a massive profit of 131 points since 22 Aug.

Need I say more

Regards Chris

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