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Newsletter - 36 Page Royal Ascot Review
June 13, 2019

Just wanted to check in and make sure you saw the stuff I've sent over about our 36-page Royal Ascot Magazine?

As we speak freshly printed copies are landing through VIP Club members letterboxes and we’ve received some incredible feedback already;

"Many thanks, The Horse's Mouth print version arrived just now! (The Royal Mail) ain't what it used to be! What an incredible magazine it is too. How you managed to print this for free is unbelievable. I can only heap loads of praise upon FRT and Form ratings. All the best, Terence Quinn."

And fellow VIP Club member Hugh;

"Thank you for the present. I would just like to congratulate you and all who were involved in creating the most impressive report i have seen for any large racing festival in this country in the last 10 years !! Excellent, well done and thank you. Rgds Hugh (Shug)"

Fancy getting one?

If so the good news is, there's still time!

All you need to do is join the VIP Club on a monthly or annual membership by 11am TOMORROW.

Click here to make that happen.

Regards Chris

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