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Newsletter - Each Way Bets - Past Results
July 08, 2018

I now have a graph to show the results of the Each Way Tips

The Each Way Results Graph is now showing over 41 points profit

It is a commonly held belief that an each way bet should only be placed if the odds guarantee a profit if the selection only gains a place. But if you have a high strike rate, as we have, of 71% for win and place then this belief does not hold true.

The point of the each way bet in this system is merely to minimise losses. Having no long losing runs is much kinder on your betting bank.

The strategy I use for these bets is to stop betting for the day when I have achieved a profit - I may miss some winners but having made my profit I prefer not to risk losing it.

You can try the Each Way Tips for just £9.99 per month

Regards Chris

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