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Newsletter - Betting Business Guarantees 10% ROI
November 23, 2019

It’s not often I get invited to join a betting business partnership but this happened recently when I became acquainted with Alwin Amler on LinkedIn. Alwin, I discovered, has been making a living from betting for 15 years now and I was intrigued to learn how he does it. He also writes a sports betting column for Hong Kong's number 1 newspaper 'The Oriental Daily'

So he invited me to join his partnership that he has set up with a few friends and I was quite impressed to learn that the account they use has a current bank balance of euros 43,073 with current open bets of euros 2,013.

To be honest I was a little wary of joining this illustrious company but Alwin said that he now offers 2 other options. The one that appealed to me most was to open an account with a bookmaker of my choice and Alwin would place bets for me.

In return for doing this at the end of each month I would send him 25 percent of any realized net profits.

To cut a long story short I now have an account at Bet365 (they offer £100 free bets for new customers), which I funded with 100 euros (the minimum for this option) and have a bet placed on which I am awaiting the outcome.

I shall let you know how I get on and in the meantime if anyone is interested to learn more I have recorded at all the options (one of which guarantees a 10% return on investment every 6 months) open to those who wish to join Alwins betting business.

Regards Chris

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