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Newsletter - URGENT INFO - Neo Has Been Released But Not For Long
December 01, 2017

Please give this message your undivided attention as this is THE ONE and it won't be around for long. You will need to act fast, read fast and absorb fast because the Neo System is firing on all cylinders. The profits are incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE but the door 'right now' is only open to just a handful of members.

Discover Neo Investments!

August 2017 - Return On Investment 214.58%
September 2017 - Return On Investment 220.57%
October 2017 - Return On Investment 157.17%
November 2017 - Return On Investment 126.95%

Horse Racing Profits From Heaven!

This spectacular service really is perfect for the average punter who really does want to start winning.


Not ready to look yet?

Ok, but people will be joining now, I expect this to sell out very fast indeed.

But anyway let's look a bit closer...

All bets will be advised at 1 point level stakes
All selections will be simple WIN Bets
All bets will be sent around 7pm the night before the racing
All selections will be made available by email and via online members area
There will be between 1 - 6 selections a day

Just recently the Neo System gave us a 33/1 winner with Becky The Thatcher and Nathans Pride advised at 14/1!

This is bliss and getting the advice around 7pm the night before really does make all the difference!

Can it get any better? Errrrr... Yeah!

Using the Neo Compound Staking Plan a starting bank of £1,000 and a starting bet of £20.00 (2% of bank) turned into over £29,480 in less than 4 months!

The Free Staking Plan Download Is Waiting

Finally, get this, just look at the pricing of this...

Option 1 - £37.00 - One Month Membership

Option 2 - £74.00 - Three Month Membership (£24.67 per month)

Option 3 - £75.00 - Six Month Membership (£12.50 per month)

Option 3 is not a typo... you read 100% correctly! It's a crazy deal from a crazy guy who wants you to keep as much profit in your pocket as possible!

Best Wishes,


PS. Places are very, very limited so act fast to avoid missing out.

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