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Newsletter - Edging Closer To The Perfect Service
January 27, 2019

Our Paddock Watcher, Dee Thompson was reporting from Doncaster on Saturday 26 Jan and found some nice winners.

I think I have found the key to using her advice to best advantage after observing and analysing her last 3 paddock reports.

The key word in her texts to look for is “best”. Horses referred to using “best” achieved the following results betting 1 point each way:

Jan 22 - 5.4, 2.7, 1.2, -2.0, 6.0, 0.10, -2.0, -2.0

Total +9.4 points

Jan 25 - 0.64, -2.0, 1.4, -0.45, 0.44, -0.1, -2.0

Total -2.07 points

Jan 26 2.7, -0.7, 1.2, 3.6

Total 6.8 points

Profit from 3 meetings Total +14.13 points

Of course everyone will have their own way of interpreting the data but whatever they decide they can rest assured the information is reliable and unique, thus providing an edge over other punters.

Dee now hosts her own page and you can find out more about her free or paid (huge discount available for 4 meetings) service at Paddock Watch

Regards Chris

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