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Newsletter - Paddock Watcher Looks Sharp At Musselburgh
April 03, 2019

Dee Thompson was advising subscribers to her service yesterday - here are the Results for Musselburgh Tues 2nd April

Race 1 h1 h3 h5 positves - h5 won at 10/1

Race 2 positives h6 h2 h7 - lost

Race 3 best energy h2 a positive for 5f followed by h1 h6 h7 next - h6 won at 12/1

Race 4 h2 best h9 h4 h1 positives - h9 won at 8/1

Race 5 h4 h8 best - h8 won at 5/2

Race 6 h7 best - positives in order of pref h9 h10 h3 - h7 won at 5/2

Race 7 h7 best positives h6 h4 - lost

Total profit backing all positives 1 point to win is 17 points

Check out her service at Paddock Watcher

Regards Chris

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