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Newsletter - Paddock Watch Subscribers
March 29, 2019

Just a reminder for those who have signed up for the free Paddock Watch service - you need to let Dee know which meetings you wish to get the service for.

If you wish to get texts for Doncaster tomorrow then email Dee at

She will then send you a text advising on each race. These are her notes on what to expect:

For your reference when receiving my texts (the letter h refers to the number of a horse in a race - this saves having to type the name of each horse)

If i see a standout for win or each way bet purposes i will say - i like h? best

If i see a fancied favourite looking negative for lay purposes i will - say h? negative

If nothing stands out but one or two are looking better or worse than the rest i will say - no selection - positives h? h? h? and negatives h? h? always listed in order of preference - if horses are not mentioned it means they are average in appearance, nothing particularly positive or negative.

In some races nothing catches the eye, either they are all looking good, or they all are looking moderate - in this case i would say - all the same - no comments

Please note i don't give information if heavy showers or persistent rain, as its not so easy to judge them properly in such conditions.

Regards Chris

NB if you wish sign up for the Paddock Watch service Click Here

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