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Newsletter - Personalised Coaching For Punters
July 22, 2019

How many times have you made an error of judgment in your betting? I know I have loads of times and I know I'm not alone.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

I back a few horses on a hunch, staking more than I should and lose the lot.

I then revise my original strategy but having lost confidence I only use small stakes - the bets win and I hardly make any money.

Everyone has days like this but there is a way to beat this losing mentality - with Dee Thompson's Coaching For Punters .

Subscribers to this newsletter are mostly aware that Dee is our resident Paddock Watcher but Dee is also recognized and respected as a life coach. Here is just one of many testimonials:

"I'm much happier and can see how to achieve almost impossible goals. Thanks Dee" - Bob G. Managing Director.

Find out more about Dee's extraordinary skills at Coaching For Punters .

Regards Chris

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