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Newsletter Issue #023 -- Fantastic 8's
January 04, 2016

A New Year message on a promising Tips Service

Have you made your New Year Resolutions?

However corny and unoriginal it seems, the New Year is a time for new beginnings.

It's a time when you can put past failures behind you and make a new start and it's a very convenient time to put down a marker to measure from and this is particularly pertinent with your Betting.

If you have not been on the winning team with your betting in 2015 then now is the time to regroup and create a plan to succeed in 2016.

What better way to start than taking a look at how the Betfan Platform Portfolio of Tipsters performed and who was Top of the Tree in 2015.

We have just unveiled their Top 10 tipsters for the entire year of 2015.

If you're looking for consistent profits over the long term, then these are the guys you want to be looking at.

Collectively, they've delivered more than £66,000 of profit to £10 per point stakes, so you know you're dealing with the real heavyweights here!

What better place to create your own High performing Portfolio of Betting products

But ultimately Top of the Tree And the #1 Tipster of 2015 is...


Fantastic 8's Produced a MASSIVE 2060 Points of profit to take the number One Spot.

A HUGE £103,000.00 at £50 a Point

Even for the for the more modest Bettors a superb £20,600.00 at JUST £10 a Point!

What is particularly impressive about this is that they only actually delivered their first Bets and launched at the start of March.

In less than 10 Months they blew the opposition away most of which had been involved for the full Year.

Just think what they can do for you in a full Year in 2016


Fantastic 8's have already started 2016 in similar fashion and are currently 2nd on the Top performers chart with over 37 Points in the bag after just 2 Days!

Currently Fantastic 8's still have some Membership places remaining and you can get involved for just over 85p a Day.

However as our Top performer of 2015 and achieved in just 10 Months it will be getting a lot of publicity over the coming days and we expect those remaining places to fill fast.

Also be aware it has been the subject of many successful reviews which are bringing many New Members to the Service.

The Word is getting out about Fantastic 8's very fast - Make sure you are involved in 2016 and ensure this is the Year you succeed with your Betting


Thank you everyone for your continued support of Betfan, we are Looking forward to a BIG 2016 with you all

Kind Regards Chris

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