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Newsletter - Cricket Counsel Service Breaks Records
January 11, 2018

Just received early bird offer for a new service from Betfan that is smashing profit records:

As promised here is your Early Launch Notice for our exciting new betting product that is smashing the bookies.

Rush released after an incredible proofing period you will NOT want to miss this.

This could possibly be a sport you haven't bet on before but don't let this put you off as it takes just 5 minutes a day to bag these profits.

The site is now LIVE on the Betfan Platform and you can read all about it at the link below.

CLICK HERE - Cricket Counsel IS LIVE

Everybody on the Early Bird list has two hours advance notice on our other members giving you first chance to grab one of the spots.

Interest has been huge and we have been inundated with questions about performance etc, well now you have all that information to hand to help you make an informed choice about joining Cricket Counsel.

You can see all the proofing and stats by clicking HERE

How does An Incredible £2,400 since November, Betting to just £10 a point sound?

Average stakes are about 2 points so as you can see that is very impressive - still £1,200 approx at £10 a bet!!!

All fully proofed to a live audience on our Tipster Planet platform.

We do fully expect this to sell out so please do not take too long examining those figures or you may miss out!

This is your promised Early Bird Opportunity to get involved quick and also grab a superb discount, so be sure to grab your place before the doors shut.


Your early bird offer represents a massive 60% discount on the normal monthly price and you actually get your first six months for JUST £12 a Month only!

Just £72 for 6 months for tips from a proven winning service. Its a no brainer!

But we reckon you might need to be quick if you want to get involved and note the discount offer will close as soon as places are full and the main site will be going out to over 100,000 people during the next few days.

CLICK HERE - Cricket Counsel 60% DISCOUNT

News just in about two gambles posted for later this evening already waiting online for you!

Thanks for your interest and good luck with securing your spot.

We shall see you in the pavilion to celebrate those Winners!

Regards Chris

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