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Newsletter - Footy Bank Continues To Grow
January 27, 2020

Our resident football tipster, Alwin Almer, continues his impressive results.

You may remember I mentioned that Alwin was placing bets for me on my Bet365 account. In just 4 weeks my £100 starting bank increased by £68.

I then opened an account with the betting platform, VIP-IBC as it's ideal for betting on your favourite sports taking place anywhere in the world and with a large number of bookmakers, such as Betfair, Pinnacle Sports etc. However much you win your account will never be restricted or closed because you are constant winner.

In the first 16 days of operation and starting with a betting bank of just under £200 the account now stands at £282.02.

I've twisted Alwin's arm to allow me to post up a few of his tips at Betting Business

Today's tip involves the Bournemouth/Arsenal game tonight - price 2.0 at Bet365

Regards Chris

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