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Newsletter -Susan Corbett's Newsletter
October 30, 2023

Susan Corbett's Newsletter:

I missed last week due to being on hols in Wiltshire – however I am told all was well!

Jimmy is back in work after his coughs and colds, Harriet the 3 year old filly is getting on with life on the yard – although very naughty today doing an imitation of Champion the Wonder Horse! Well sat by Jenna – pic attached.

Getting her teeth checked but the opinion was she was just being naughty - pushing the boundaries.. Buddy was disappointing at Carlisle but we have discovered he has a muscle problem so hopefully he will be better next time after a few tweeks!

Routine vet visit today for Flu and Tet jabs and blood tests for Buddy and Rock Steady Eddie who will run in a few weeks time. Disappointing that Clear Angel did not get a run with Redcar abandoned, but heads for Redcar or Doncaster next week instead before a well earned break.

Royal Prospect is down to run tomorrow at Newcastle all being well - while Gowanbuster does his stalls test with Harry Russell – one minute will seem a long time.....which is how long he has to behave himself in the starting stalls – it was not his fault that the jockey removed his blindfold before the stalls opened last time grrrrr.

So building up to a big week next week with most horses ready to go! The new Mare Pinot Rouge arrives next week via Gillies – hopefully here on the 4th – still shares this winning Point to Point mare Christmas Party 16th December – a cheese and biscuit option at a supplement of £4.50 – please let Gary know -

That's all for now!

Susan Tel: 7713651215

regards Chris

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