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Newsletter - Trainer Susan Corbett's Newsletter
July 31, 2022

Our partner trainer Susan Corbett is sending us news on her new Northern Racing Club which kicks off in September - watch this space.

Below is the latest newsletter from her Girsonfield yard (if you wish to receive this yourself send her an email at

So a week of building up the work for the National Hunt horses. All going well as they continue to be trained from the field for as long as possible to take advantage of the grass we have.

Team Girsonfield – we have Shannon who started last week and is the partner of Ross. She is part time so she can still spend time with Baby Oscar.

Malin is 15 going on 50 as he has a great knowledge of racing. After two years he has crept up the ladder now to riding the quieter horses and is coming along at great speed.

That leaves our experienced work riders Jamie, Emma, Ross, Dillan and Will. Building up to NH jockeys we again intend to have Craig Nichol, Sam Coltherd and Nathan Moscrop, who all had winners for us in the last 12 months, riding our Jumpers, along with young Dillan of course!

We had 90 runs in the last 12 months from 15 horses with 11 wins and 40 places an average of 57% runners to wins and places and in fact they all won prize money ( to 6th ). Goffs

So this week we head for the sales with the young mare Nulli Secundous as her Owner has moved to Ireland. If she does not sell she will be up for a free lease as she showed a lot of promise on the gallops last year.


Woo! Will we get in at Newcastle on Wednesday with MEKBAT? He is rated 66 so we are allowed to enter a 0 – 65 race but will be in the first ones to be balloted out – unless they split the race. He is running (25% ) in the Girsonfield Racing Club just for August. 25% is sold to Owners and so we still have shares available and he will run in September for his Owners and the New Northern Racing Club with Golden Robin and Orlas Abbey.

Dates for the Diary

11th September - our part in National Racehorse week with demos from Horses, ex racehorses, Farrier, vet, chiro, physio etc. Starts at 11am.

Lycetts Team Champion Award – still waiting for the result!!!!

Kind Regards


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regards Chris

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