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Newsletter - Susan Corbett's Newsletter
September 25, 2022

Here is the latest Newsletter from our trainer, Susan Corbett

A busy week taking George to Newcastle for a stalls trial before he runs on Monday. He was quite good but did not think the stalls were for him! The stalls handlers were great with him and he eventually got the hang of it – he is of course perfect at home!

Big week with working lots and schooling not only the handicappers but also teaching the babies to jump in the schooling field over tyres, poles and mini fences before moving up the the hurdles and fences.

Wor verge got his first run out at Perth but it was a hot race ran at a slow pace to start which did not suit him – Nathan was not hard on him and we are dropping him in grade next time.

The final foal was weaned Bahrikate x Telescope and so far he seems quite happy to see his mum gone – not a squeak! He does have his friends in the next door stable and she did bully him at times! The mares never look back when the foals are weaned – more interested in seeing their friends!

The ‘summer’ Flat boys have turned into winter ones with Clear Angel and Gowanbuster both coming up to fitness – Mekbat gets a break to mature.


Monday 26th September Newcastle Naughty George Debut!

Tuesday 27th September Sedgefield – Drumfire for the Girsonfield Racing Club ridden by our own Conditional jockey Dillan who takes 8lb from his allocated weight.

Friday 30th September Hexham Golden Robin – first run for us since leaving Sue Smiths yard.

Saturday 8th October – Velasco, Avoid De Master, Konik King and maybe some of our bumper horses! A big day.

I am off on Hols from Tuesday and will be back on the 7th October so no newsletter next week!

Kind Regards

Susan Tel: 7713651215

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