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Newsletter - Do you use strategies to find winners? Here's an easy way
October 25, 2022

Do you use strategies for winner finding?

If so, you will know it can take ages to get the data you need.

However you will be pleased to know that Form Ratings Platinum membership gives you instant access to a huge database of racing form which can be quickly accessed for any strategy you care to come up with. Find out more at

Form Ratings


Q. How many strategies can I have automated as a Platinum Member?

A. Up to two a month for as long as you’re a member.

Q. How long will it take to automate my strategy?

A. We aim to deliver your automated strategy within 28 days of it being submitted. In instances of more complex strategies, it may be slightly longer. But I’ll keep you updated throughout the process.

Q. Does my strategy have to exclusively use the Form Ratings data for it to be automated?

A. No! Your strategy can include loads of outside factors, like C&D wins, the going, the jockey, the trainer, the distance, etc as well as the Form Ratings data.

Q. How do I get the extra ratings added to my Form Ratings racecards once I’m a Platinum member?

A. The 4LR and 5LR columns will be added automatically once you upgrade your account to Platinum.

Q. Once my strategy is automated, where will I find its tracked results and selections?

A. You’ll be provided with your own private link to a page with both the daily selections and results.

Q. What time of the day will my selections be ready for my automated strategy?

A. They’ll be live on your private page from 8pm the night before. (I.e. the selections for Friday will be visible from 8pm on Thursday).

Q. Where will I find the Platinum-exclusive Smart Selections?

A. These will all be added to your Smart Selections page automatically once you’re a Platinum member.

Have you got any other questions about Platinum?

Reply to this email or click here Form Ratings

regards Chris

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