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Newsletter - Susan Corbett's Newsletter
April 21, 2024

Susan Corbett's Newsletter (Always something interesting going on in her yard)

A busy week – they all seem to be at the moment, long may that continue! Monday we had Johnny Dogs back in town being third with a much better run than his last attempt at Kelso. He is now rated 112 and goes to Perth in May. Not so good for Les's Legacy who did not match last years win – but his day will come – hopefully at Hexham soon!

We had a horse with a heart murmur and so I took him for a heart scan at the Dick Vet – very interesting – a slight back flow into a heart chamber – the good news is it does not effect his ability to race! His ability to stand still for 45 minutes next to a multi thousand pound machine was a challenge – however he was a star and just watched his heart pumping away on the big screen!

Kaidu was next up at Thirsk yesterday and Paul Mulrennan said he hated the ground and just stopped – so faster ground or the all weather – 5 furlongs and we will try again!

Lambing is almost over and holidays for some of the horses approach, while others proceed looking for Summer ground or on the Flat. The Sunday Staff are different people from the full time 5 – this is to allow the normal staff get every Sunday off – We are also starting to give riding lessons ( by Bobby ) to some of the Junior staff to up their skill set....

Next Week

Hexham – Monday Blame Rose – what negative reports she gets! Good chance to sort that tomorrow – Raffles Wonder being a danger – but Nathan did choose to ride Rose....over that one.


Wednesday – 24th This is Bob in the amateur race over a further distance of 3 miles.

Thursday 25th maybe Beaumesnil in the 2.4 0 – 115 and Champ Royal in the 0 130

Friday 26th – Beaumesnil (unless he goes Thursday) in the Novice 0 – 105

Saturday Ripon – Clear Angel if its on, we get in, etc etc

Sunday Wetherby – Infinite Honour – the most entered and does not run horse on the yard! Not his fault...

Two opportunities to join new syndicates..... partnerships

'Ladies that Race' a new syndicate looking for lady members paying £600.00 per 5% each and 100.00 per month – giving us a budget at the May sales of 12k to go Jumping and have some fun on the way!.

New Partnership – looking for 4 members to buy privately or at the May sale please ask for details.


Susan: Tel: 7713651215

Photo: Checking out a Heart Murmur at the Dick Vet – all good.

regards Chris

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