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Newsletter - Half Price Gold Membership Up For Grabs
May 20, 2023

Form Ratings Gold Membership

Looking to up your horse race betting game? Look no further than Form Ratings' Smart Selections.

With their Gold membership , (offered to you by Horse4course-racetips at half price) you'll be privy to a "done for you" service that saves you the time and hassle of wading through all the race cards.

They employ data patterns to provide you with automated Smart Selections, which take your set criteria into account.

Don't mistake these selections for tips, however - always apply common sense and integrate them into your own betting strategy.

One of their standout Smart Selections is the Four Tops, which uses Form Ratings Number (FRN). By taking the top four horses for the day with the highest FRN of all race cards, Four Tops can lead you to success.

You can also opt for their Best Last Time selection, which looks at the horses with the highest FRN, weighs them against their Last Race score, and chooses the first horse with an LR at least 25 points above the next best horse.

There's also the Ideally Suited Smart Selection, which highlights the top four highest-rated horses on today's card for their Horse Race Score.

For a more refined selection process, Box Tickers takes the Four Tops selection one step further by only considering the top four FRN horses with the top ratings for Last Race, Speed, and Horse Race Score.

If you're more interested in speed, Fast Four takes into account the Top Four horses with the highest Speed Rating over all the day's race cards. And if you want to see which horses have the highest Last Run score, look at the Four Last Run Smart Selection.

With these various Smart Selections at your fingertips, you'll be well on your way to a winning horse race betting strategy.

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