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Newsletter -Form Ratings Strategies
October 13, 2023

If, like me, you use Form Ratings here are a few strategies that users have found successful:

Brian W.

I look for my selections 1 hour before the off. Horses must be:

Under 4/1* (actual odds) Top HRS Top LR And, if possible, top FRN If they tick all those boxes 1 hour before the race starting, that's what I go with.

Anthony M.

I take races with 8+ runners where the favourite has 2 or more opponents with better SPD and LR ratings, and odds of 4 or less.

Mark B.

Most success I’m currently having is simply FRN >50 points clear of the next best FRN. No other criteria. My staking plan is the key; I put 3% of my betting bank on every selection.

Don’t be put off by big or short prices. Over 6 months, I've seen a 266% return on investment.

Dean R.

I have a system in place which is profitable to a £1 stake. I like looking at Class 4 or above.

The LR, 2LR and 3LR scores must be over 71 The HRS must be over 11 SPD must be top or up to 10 less than whatever the top SPD rating is And the horse must be in the top 5 highest FRN ratings on its card I then look at the jockey, and if the horse has won within its last 5 races, which sometimes sways my decision.

It's a lot of criteria, so you may only get 1 or 2 selections a day, maybe 5 on a Saturday. But it fairs me well.

Free Form Ratings Strategy Guide

regards Chris

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