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Newsletter - Susan Corbett's Newsletter
November 13, 2023

Susan Corbett's Newsletter:

Firstly I am sure we are all wishing Graham Lee a speedy recovery from his terrible accident on Friday. He rode Royal Prospect last week and he just had a bad run – P was back to form and ran a great race – apart from just not getting the breaks he needed.

Buster slipped coming out of the stalls and threw a shoe – he was still 5th and gave us a glimpse of the old buster – he goes again on Tuesday at Newcastle.

Mekbat simply did not stay at Musselburgh so he goes back on the Flat.... Then came Hexham – the ground was drying out and Kingston Rock jumped well but it was a fast race considering the ground so Sam pulled him up near the finish – he will live to fight another day and improve for that.

Les's Legacy first time over a fence – did his usual one botch! But then his jumping improved and he was no disgrace considering he is carrying ½ stone more this season.

Atomic Angel and Champ just did not turn up! Blood tests tomorrow and we will see. KK has issues with his wind so its back to the drawing board as it seems his wind let him down again..

Roll on this week!

13th November Tomorrow we go to Carlisle with En Meme Temp – only 5 runners but a hot race for meme – weather warnings so they are inspecting at 8 am.

14th November – Newcastle to see what plan Buster hatches to stop us winning the race!

16th November – Sedgefield for Ask my Heather – this time he goes 'Happy Handy' as Graham would say and we see if he puts his best foot forward!

Last call for Numbers for the Christmas party please!

This is all Thanks as ever for the support! Susan Tel: 7713651215

Photo: Young Gowaneddie in the string.

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regards Chris

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