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October 12, 2022

The All Weather Allstars Form Ratings Strategy continues to impress. Last Friday there were two winners, Canagat at 15/8 and Pierre Lapin at a mighty 11/1.

Plus, those who followed the AW Allstars strategy throughout the weekend would've landed two more winners - Aramis Grey at 9/2 and Jumira Bridge at 14/1! Since the strategy has been doing so well lately, here's a quick recap on it:

Look at the racecards for All-Weather Handicap races ONLY (you can easily find which courses have AW racing for the day on the Racing Post - it will say AW or Polytrack below the course name).

Back the horse who is top rated in SPD. If more than one horse shares the top SPD rating, do not back any.

If you have yet to obtain the Free Strategy Guide you can do so here

regards Chris

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