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Newsletter -Susan Corbett's Newsletter
May 12, 2024

Susan Corbett's Newsletter:

It’s the summer! What a difference it makes when it is warm and sunny! Horses that are not now in the fields full time, go into the fields after working and love it!

The new colt is now out in the field with his mum, Ebony Rose, and they join the other two mares and foals tomorrow. They have all been microchipped and registered – some 4 years to grow and they will be ready to join our team. Seriously, there is not a bad one – the fillies are by Kingston Hill and the colt by Schiaparelli.

Tuesday we had a ‘team’ night out and I invited people that help our world go around – the vets, Admin staff, Jockeys and the team! I did a presentation on where we had come from – where we are and the plans for next year – after I told Josh it was a £5.00 for every heckle - it went quite smoothly– lol.

Thanks to the owners who helped pay the bill! The staff do appreciate all of the kindness from Owners from bacon butties to nights out and all the chocolate in the middle. It is now our 10th Season – although it seems like a lifetime and I am very proud of the horses we now have for the coming 12 months and the support I get from you all.

Jamies CV ( the one written on his birth certificate ) is getting longer as he fixed both horse walkers this week – amazing we had a ‘spare’ gear box in the loft and Claydon did next day delivery on parts for our old walker – who, like ‘Triggers Broom’ has had every part renewed.

Racing this week was a mixed bag starting with the decision to retire Kaidu – he is not finishing his races and we can find no reason apart from he does not want to – so an easier life for him.

Then I decided to pull Pinot out of Kelso – although the ground was ‘good ‘– neither Josh or myself were happy as it had no give in it – she will now go to Hexham – possibly also on ‘good’ ground but where they water to keep it safe a lot more. Jamie got the Nottingham trip with Clear Angel and it was nearly an action replay of his last race at Doncaster – stuck in traffic with not enough speed on the faster ground to get thro a gap then powered on to lose by 2 lengths - no disgrace tho being 4th in a race like that….

Meanwhile I was at Hexham with Les Legacy who has been a bit disappointing after his mega year last year – not yesterday tho! Great ride by Nathan to be 2nd in a photo finish! I suppose we won last weeks photo finish so I should not be too disappointed. Exciting week ahead with

Perth 15th – Wednesday Atomic Angel – feeling very well after her win…. Charizard – in the 2.4 0 – 100 he has his handicap mark so in his grade now.

Perth 16th Thursday Johnny Dogs – different tactics – teaching him patience so nothing expected as he has to learn how to race on the Jockeys terms.

Champ Royal – second time over fences and the first for us – he has schooled very well at home.

Doncaster 18th Infinite Honour – the form of his last race has really stacked up so exciting..

Ripon 19th Dandycan – time he started showing he can! Forgot to say we got a lovely letter from Cancer Research about the £1500 we sent them. Together with the money we sent to the Children Hospice that was over 2K last year raised from you, our Owners – Thanks!

That’s all for now

Susan: Tel: 7713651215

Photo: Horses out at last!

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