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Newsletter -The Lucky 15 is a WILD ride
October 09, 2023

The Lucky 15 is a WILD ride.

Looking back over its lifetime results, there was a three-month period where you'd have had...

1 Full House

A 13-day LOSING streak

4x days with 3 winners

And 507pts total profit at the end of it...

Pretty crazy, right?

Those three months are a great example of why I often refer to the Lucky 15 as a rollercoaster ride...

There's ups, downs, and no shortage of thrills.

But like any good rollercoaster, the faint-hearted are better avoiding it...

It's for fun-seekers ONLY.

If that's you, Chris, then I invite you to come join in!

Right now, you can get 3 months access for £10!

But the offer ENDS this Sunday.

So if you want in, there's no better time to join.

Over 300 people follow the daily Lucky 15 each day...

You can click here to join them

regards Chris

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