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Newsletter - Novatechfx Bonus Up
June 03, 2022

Novatechfx Trading Update

Here's the weekly update on my Novatechfx bonus

You may remember that 4 weeks ago crypto and other currencies took a nose dive for various reasons and my weekly bonus when that happened amounted to just $7.00.

However as always in the world of finance things have begun to pick up again. Following that, the weeks bonuses were $33.66, $69.51, $145.04 and this week $160.71 ( which gets me back up to around a 3% ROI for this week and brings my investment up to $5,412.92

I reinvest the bonus each week and calculate that by mid September my capital will have grown to around $10,000.

To achieve that figure I will help it along a little by adding enough to each month end bonus to upgrade the account by $500.

The likely bonus at the end of June will be around $172 so I will add an extra $328 to make it up to $500 and this will then be added to the capital which will be traded for me the following week.

If you wish to join Novatechfx you can sign up (it's free just to look round the site) at this link -

or message me for more info



PS See graphic below for 5 months ROI at Novatechfx

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