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Newsletter -usan Corbett's Newsletter
October 02, 2023

Susan Corbett's Newsletter:

Hi Folks An interesting week with a Visitor from the British Horse racing Authority – Neil Hayward – Chairman of the ‘peoples Industry Board’ his job is to sort out how Racing gets more, and retains their staff.

He began at the grass roots aka here! He got some very interesting info from our staff and especially Jamie with his firm Black and White views! Good that the Bha are out and about, and on that subject ,we are clear of any drugs misuse after our recent dawn raid from another part of the BHA.

Perth was a disappointment as it rained and rained – Blame Rose hated the ground and as it looked like she was in contention for places she was pulled up because pf her wind issue – booked in Thursday to sort that. Mekbat again, again, again did not get a run as the Thursday meeting was cancelled – good job as I would not have ran him on that ground.

Then Buster managed to twist his shoe into his sole and was sore and did not make his appointment at Newcastle – he is fine now tho.

Good to see new people joining the yard in the Newly formed Northern Racing Club even if the jury is out on the colours. The Week Ahead

Monday – Royal Prospect makes his debut for the yard at 8.30 pm Newcastle

Tuesday – Tyne Tees TV come to the yard to find out about the New Racehorse Census that looks at what happens to ex racehorses.

Friday – Hexham first meeting with, hopefully, Les’s Legacy, Champ Royal, Atomic Angel, En Meme Temp, Wotyoudunnow Buddy.

Saturday – Redcar with the long awaited Mile Final for Clear Angel and some education for Apache Angel.

Sunday – Kelso – Mekbat and Ask my Heather.

Now that is a busy week!

Christmas – watch out for the next email! A big Thank you – the final count for our Open Day, Yard Competition (coming soon) Naming Jimmy and all – was £1020.00 to the Childrens Hospice and £1037.00 to go to Cancer Research! Over 2k from our small yard woo!

Susan: Tel: 7713651215

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regards Chris

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