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Newsletter - Top 5 Tipsters For July
August 01, 2022

The Top 5 Tipsters at Free Racing Tips - Click here to get access to these tipsters

Pinch, punch, first of the month - and PLENTY of returns! Especially if you followed this lot in July...

Here are your Top 5 tipsters for last month:

5. Underdog Racing - 27.1 points profit

Another solid month of tipping from slow and steady Underdog - with their 16th profitable month in the last 18.

4. Quentin Franks - 32.4 points profit

Quentin Franks is a household name - and this demonstrates why. Only missing out on a podium-finish in July by the cigarette-paper margin of 0.4 points, Quentin continues to deliver year-after-year.

3. The Banker - 32.8 points profit 🥉

Once again, The Banker is making regular deposits - profitable in 9 of the last 10 months (with a mere 24 point withdrawal in that "red" month)

2. Champions Tips - 67.8 points profit 🥈

Not quite our champion, but I don't think many Champions Tips members will be complaining about second place given 67.8 points profit - especially if they've added it to the 52.3 points from June, or the 256.5 year-to-date returns!

1. Shrewd Tips - 87.8 points profit 🥇

Shrewd Tips celebrated a stellar return in July - something they've been threatening to do for a while now, with 58.7 points returned in January, 62.5 in May, and 66.8 in April. Their P/L for the year to date currently stands at a juicy 290.7 points.

As always, past performance doesn't guarantee future results - but make a note of anyone who consistently appears in the top 5 - after all, form is temporary.. class is permanent!

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regards Chris

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