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all from the comfort of your own home. Mega Millions, El Gordo, The Euro Lottery, you name it we have it. No need to travel to the U.S., Spain or anywhere to give yourself a chance to land the BIG ONE!


Results is the only web site that allows you active, immediate participation in the Biggest lottery games in the world, providing you the opportunity to win millions of dollars. In addition you receive numerous benefits and services not available elsewhere. Find out how it works!

Global Access To The Euro Lottery provides you with immediate access to the Euro lottery and all the Biggest lotteries worldwide from anywhere in the world. Unlike purchasing a ticket from an agent or a retailer, you do not need to be physically present to place your bet, nor do you have to be present to collect your winnings.


All transactions are done using your credit card. You pay only for the bets you place, with no deposit and no advance payment. Payment is performed through theLotter's secured system at SSL 128 encryption level.


There is no lottery ticket to lose or misplace. There is no need to check the lottery results ! We do that for you. You receive immediate notification of your winnings, which are directly transferred to your credit card or bank account.


No one sees you purchasing lottery tickets. You do not even have to get up. When you win, no one will know and your winnings will be transferred discreetly to your account. Personal information is kept strictly confidential and is not used for any other purpose except for your activities in


You play the lotteries of your choice right from your chair - no standing in line. We manage for you a detailed client account of all your activities and participations in We keep records of your participations with all information regarding your previous bets. You may choose to play on a one-time basis, in a Multi-Draw or join as a regular subscriber, allowing you to participate in as many of a specific lottery as you choose. You only pay each time you play, and can stop your subscription at any time. Our lottery stand is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Full credibility in the Official Lotteries results. You may check and verify the winnings in the Official Lotteries web sites. is fully supervised by one of the top international accounting firms. Jackpot winnings are insured through Lloyd's of London Broker Tyser and Co.


With, you will always find the most up-to-date information you need regarding the Biggest lotteries worldwide. will notify you immediately of your winnings and will provide alerts concerning various events in the lottery world, at your request.


Even if you don't participate in the official lotteries through, you can still play our free group lottery game, with prizes of up to US$ 100,000

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