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Horse racing systems consistent and profitable....

None more so than this Lay one of my horse racing systems.


It's not just a flash in the pan horse racing system! Look at these results for year after year of relentless profit making:

2008 (Jan - May) 88.89 points profit

2007 186.20 points profit

2006 45.78 points profit

2005 54 points profit

2004 67 points profit

2003 79 points profit

2002 27 points profit

Total profit to date is 332 Points 

Horse Racing Blogs Expertido

Horse4course-racetips in 2014 is still the top lay tipster at Tipping League - check out these astonishing results where they are all proofed.

Literally, there are no losing years - this is the nearest you will ever get to a guaranteed profit.

Just 2 or 3 selections per day maximum price is 13-2 so need for a huge bank to cover losses. A steady achievable profit month by month and year by year.

All selections are posted at Tipping League early in the day to enable you to get on at the best prices.Tipping League holds records for a full year where you will be able to check results.

All selections are proofed at The Tipping League - see link below.

This is truly the Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs.

Ruby Walsh

Horse racing systems blog

I have been posting the selections on the Forum at Sportsbettingtips for a couple of months and a transcript is included below: 

Well, well the jinx days of August are now behind us and we have accumulated another 5.62 points of profit after a slightly shaky start. Here are the Horse racing systems selections since the last one, Duty on 25th August The first digit is the result and the 2nd is the decimal Starting Price -

26/08/2006 RAVI RIVER 1 1

26/08/2006 FAMILIAR TERRITORY 3 1.2

26/08/2006 SPURADICH 2 1.375

27/08/2006 LUNAR RIVER 2 4

27/08/2006 CARADAK 1 6

28/08/2006 TREGASTEL 1 4.5

28/08/2006 PRIMONDO 1 2

28/08/2006 OUT FOR A STROLL 4 3

29/08/2006 SO CLOUDY 2 3.5

29/08/2006 DANCE A DAYDREAM 4 4

31/08/2006 REEM AL FALLAH 3 2

31/08/2006 ALAMBIC 1 4

01/09/2006 RACING TIMES 4 6.5

01/09/2006 MAKSHOOF 1 1

01/09/2006 TEQUILA SHEILA 3 4.5

01/09/2006 MERRYMADCAP 6 6

03/09/2006 SAKENOS 7 5

05/09/2006 STRAW BOY 2 6.5

05/09/2006 DIAMOND LIGHT 3 4.5

05/09/2006 NANDO'S DREAM 3 1.5

05/09/2006 PEAS 'N BEANS 6 4

06/09/2006 SOMERSAULT 7 4

06/09/2006 REBELLE 7 4

06/09/2006 RIVER KIROV 6 5.5

07/09/2006 RELKIDA 5 6

07/09/2006 MOONSHADOW 2 1.75

08/09/2006 BLUE MAEVE 3 6.5

08/09/2006 BOSSET 8 4.5

08/09/2006 REEM TWO 3 3.333

11/09/2006 BENBROOK 2 3.5

12/09/2006 SCRUMMAGE 2 1.5

13/09/2006 JAASOOS 1 1.875

13/09/2006 ALTAR 7 4.5

A lovely long losing run of 17 - pity I was not around to profit from it!

Total 5.62 points profit


Newbury Ideally 4th 11-4 Newbury Bauer 1st 11-4 Nottingham Compton Fields 10th 5-1 Ayr We'll Confer 4th 6-4


Warwick Stanley George last 6-5

17/09/06 Uttoxeter Fahives First 4th 11-2


Kempton 2.10 Recruit 4th 2-1

Kempton 5.50 Dynacam 7th 6-1

Leicester 4.10 Summer Lodge 2nd evens

Giving another 5.25 points profit Total since 25th August is 10.87 points profit

No Horse racing systems selections for Tuesday 19th Sep

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:36 am Post subject: RaceXpert lay system


Horse racing systems Selections for Wed 20th Sep

Redcar 3.10 Nanton 1st 11-4

Redcar 4.55 Talcen Gwyn 5th 11-4

minus 1.75 points today leaving 9.12 points profit

Thursday's Horse racing systems selections

Fontwell 4.10 War Pennant last 5-1

Pontefract 2.30 Danehillsundance 2nd 13-8

Pontefract 3.0 Fong's Gazelle 2nd 4-1

Giving 3 more points profit - Total now 12.12 points profit

Fridays Horse racing systems selections

Haydock 2.15 Mimisel 2nd 6-5

At this time of year something unexpected pops up and Fantasy Parkes got up close home with a very pleasing performance. So

out with the notebooks everbody. Oh and put another point profit in the jar to bring the total to 13.12 points.

Plenty of action tomorrow and the following are our lay selections - NB only evens to 13-2 SP qualify

Ascot 4.50 Grain Of Truth 2nd 9-4

Chester 3.55 Noble Gent 8th 10-3

Chester 4.30 Meadow Mischief 12th 9-2

Haydock 3.30 If Paradise 2nd 15-2 non qualifier

Haydock 4.05 Wild Thyme 5th 9-2

Market Rasen 4.25 Lankawi 2nd 10-3

Holy Cow - didn't we do well! All lost, so another 5 juicy points in the pot giving us 18.12 points profit. Everything's

losing except dear old George W. at Ascot today - I bet a few got their fingers burnt laying the old rascal.

Upwards and onwards then with tomorrows Horse racing systems selections:

Ascot 2.45 Profit's Reality non qualifier 22-1

Ascot 4.25 Cantabria 11th 9-2

Huntingdon 3.05 Tighe Caster 1st 11-4

Musselburgh 2.25 Robbie Scott 3rd 9-4

Not much to cry about with a mere 0.75 points loss giving 17.37 points profit to date.

I have just checked the profit since the 1st Jan 2006 and was gratified to see a profit of 79 points has been achieved.

Monday's Horse racing systems selections

Brighton 3.0 Bachelor Party 1st 15-8

Hamilton 4.40 Red Admiral 7th 11-2

Is anyone laying these selections by chance - it would be interesting to hear if anyone is finding them useful?

Hi Phil, thanks for reply and I hope the selections will give us all something to profit from.

Yesterdays selections resulted in a small loss of 0.88 points giving a total to date of 16.49.

It should be noted that the wins are often short prices which don't dent the profits too much and this is what seems to give

the system it's edge. Choosing horses whose short price does not reflect their true value, which should be greater. This I

think is due to the fact that they came 3rd or 4th last time out.

Tuesday's Horse racing systems selections

Goodwood 2.30 Tokyo Rose 3rd 4-1

Goodwood 3.40 Stronghold 1st 2-1

Stronghold is the interesting one as I have tipped it to win elsewhere - either way the price will be short.

Well, I was right and the system was wrong on Stronghold - alright I could'nt really lose here - but it does make the point

that whatever your own feelings, if you are following a proven system you must follow the system.

So, a point down leaving us 15.49 points profit.

Thursday's Horse racing systems selections (should be Wednesday)

Lingfield 4.50 Reload 7th 11-4

Newcastle 3.10 Centenary 1st 9-1 non qualifier

Newcastle 4.10 Osolomio NR

I apologise for getting the day mixed up - the above selections were for Wednesday and not Thursday

One point up today giving us 16.49 points to date.

I noticed Greek Renaissance got turned over at Salisbury today. The price was way too short to get involved of course and just as well as it turned out.

Thursday 28th Sep Horse racing systems selections

Hereford 3.55 Erica's Charm 1st 5-2

Newmarket 2.55 Tommy Toogood 5th 10-1 non qualifier

It came as no surprise that Erica's Charm romped home. She has fully recovered from a stomach ulcer earlier in the year but

more importantly she is trained by the excellent P Bowen.

He has produced a 38 point profit in hurdle races the past 5 seasons and at a certain course I have been researching, that

goes up to a whopping 75 points profit. The reason I'm being coy on course identity is that I am about to release an e-book.

'Stable Stats' that highlights the profits to be made from certain National Hunt Trainers at certain courses.

Watch this space.

No lay Horse racing systems selections for Friday - but there will almost certainly be a nice bunch for Saturday. Until then...

Phil Guest

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:30 am Post subject: Lays


Hi Chris, I am monitoring your progress with interest. Keep up the good work Phil

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:55 pm Post subject: RaceXpert Lay Horse racing systems selections


Points profit so far is 13.99 since our little brush with Erica's Charm on Thursday

Fontwell 1.55 Monets Masterpiece lost 11-4

Fontwell 2.25 Idris 2nd 4-1

Fontwell 5.20 Basic Fact 3rd 7-4

Kempton 2.40 Envision 3rd 4-1

Newmarket 2.35 Satchem 1st 10-3

One of these was likely to win and Satchem, as tough as old boots, who rarely runs a bad race, was able to foil our clean


The 2nd, his stablemate Pinson, running for the first time since last year, will no doubt come on a bundle for this.

Nevertheless we have 0.67 points to add to the pot , giving 14.66 points profit and that's what it's all about.

Sundays Horse racing systems selections

Kelso 3.0 Ballynure

Uttoxeter 2.35 Cockspur

Uttoxeter 5.55 Syncopated Rythm

Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 7:16 am Post subject: RTacexpert Lay System


Sundays Horse racing systems selections

Kelso 3.0 Ballynure 5th 6-1

Uttoxeter 2.35 Cockspur 3rd 13-2

Uttoxeter 5.55 Syncopated Rythm 1st 6-4

The low price of the winner again helped us to a modest profit of 0.5 points giving 15.16 points to date.

Monday's selections

Pontefract 3.10 Power Politics lost 8-1 non qualifier

Windsor 3.0 small Stakes 4th 8-15

Wolverhampton 1.50 Kondakova 1st 4-1

It was a surprise to see Kondakova win as the the a.w. is less predictable than turf flat racing, hence the bigger price.

So minus 3 points today and a profit to date of 12.16.

Selection for Tuesday 3rd Oct

Leicester 3.40 Rockatorri 8th 9-1

Selection lost but was too big a price to qualify

Selections for Wednesday look a bit more interesting

Exeter 3.10 Boychuk

Exeter 4.10 Cash On

Nottingham 3.20 Woqoodd

Towcester 2.30 Papillon De Iena

Just a note to say that my National Hunt Trainers e-book, Stable Stats, I mentioned earlier can now be obtained in the first

instance from the Horse4course-racetips website. At a very reasonable price I might add and showing a profit of 128 points so

far this year.

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2006 4:14 pm Post subject: Racexpert Lay system results


Horse racing systems Selections for Wednesday look a bit more interesting

Exeter 3.10 Boychuk 1st 4-6 non qualifier

Exeter 4.10 Cash On 4th 10-3

Nottingham 3.20 Woqoodd 4th 7-4

Towcester 2.30 Papillon De Iena 5th 7-2

Not a bad result there with 3 points up, giving 15.16 points profit

Thursday's selections

Lingfield 2.20 Genuine Call 3rd 4-1

Lingfield 4.50 Neardown Beauty 2nd 9-2 (phew close call here - one to look out for in the future)

Worcester 3.10 Needle Prick 1st 6-1 ouch - well they do happen:(

Worcester Nudge and Nurdle 3rd 8-1 non qualifier ( this one was available at under 13-2 on Betfair)

Minus 4 to day then leaving 11.16 points profit to date

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:47 pm Post subject:


Fridays Horse racing systems selection

Lingfield 2.30 Danawi 7th 7-2

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 7:25 pm Post subject:


Danawi could only manage 7th so a point in the pot bringing us up to 12.16 points profit

Selection for Saturday

Ascot 4.30 Book Of Music 1st 9-2

It must be this Indian summer - still thinking it's August

Reducing our profit to 7.66 points

Selections for Sunday 8th

All at Wolverhampton

2.10 Solid Rock 6th 3-1

3.10 Leopard King 10th 15-8

3.40 Escape Clause 1st 7-4

5.10 Khun John 1st 5-6 non qualifier

A little more profit today giving 7.78 points profit

Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:20 pm Post subject: RaceXpert Lay System selections


Just back fron a pleasant weekend at Crantock, near Newquay. No Internet connection there so a blissful break

Tuesday Horse racing systems selection

Leicester 4.0 Glen Nevis 1st 4-9

The lay purists would approve of that selection as the price hardly dents our profits leaving 7.34 points profit

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 6:44 pm Post subject:


I'm itching for a nice long losing run - sadly we only have one selection for Wednesday

Uttoxeter 3.15 Magic Sky 1st 2-5

Leaving 6.94 points profit

We're batting away these irritatiing small wins at the moment, hopefully with tomorrows selections we can pull away again.

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2006 6:10 pm Post subject: RaceXpert Lay System selections


Horse racing systems Thursday 12th Oct

Ludlow 2.45 Fountain Crumble 2nd 6-4

Newmarket 1.30 Gunner's View 11th 7-2

Newmarket 5.25 Bond City 2nd 12-1 non qualifier

Well, well with Fountain crumbling and Gunners well out of view we net another couple of points. Giving us 8.94 points


Bond City put up a very good performance and only just lost out on the line. Might be worth considering backing to win each

way the longer priced selections.

Has anyone tried this at all?

I've just had a check back on the selections to reveal some very interesting results; look at this

Needle Prick 1st 6-1 Book Of Music 1st 9-2 Kondakova 1st 4-1 Cockspur 3rd 13-2 Envision 3rd 4-1 Idris 2nd 4-1 Centenary 1st 9-1 (although of course for lay purposes he was a non qualifier) Tokyo Rose 3rd 4-1

In fact not many at 4-1 plus failed to make the frame. So food for thought guys!

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:51 pm Post subject: Racexpert Lay system selections


Friday 13th Oct

Those of a superstitious nature should look away now

Brighton 4.10 Taranis 5th 4-1

Warwick 5.05 Turkish Sultan 7th 9-1 non qualifier

1 point up today giving 9.94 points profit

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 6:45 pm Post subject: Racexpert Lay system selections


Saturdays selections

Kempton 2.30 Forest Green 3rd 7-1 non qualifier

Stratford 3.0 Shingle Street 1st 7-4

Stratford 4.35 Cockspur 7th 3-1

Woverhampton 8.0 Swords 10th 10-3

0.25 points profit giving 10.19 points to date

No posting on Sunday

Last edited by cjwigg on Sun Oct 15, 2006 6:29 pm; edited 1 time in total


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Joined: 13 Oct 2006 Posts: 4

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:45 pm Post subject:


Hi i am new to this forum and horse betting in general what is this system all about and what are u meant 2 do

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 6:27 pm Post subject: RaceXpert Systems


This thread gives the selections produced by a system for laying horses (backing them to lose) created by myself, using

RaceXpert software.

You can obtain the software by clicking on the RaceXpert logo on the Homepage.

Hope this explains this thread.

Regards Chris Wigg

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2006 6:40 pm Post subject: Racexpert Lay system selections


Although I was not able to post, here are Sunday's Horse racing systems selections

Carlisle 3.05 Avalon 7th 7-4

Carlisle 5.15 Giveusaclue 1st 4-5

Hereford 2.10 Mistified 3rd 13-2

giving 1.20 points profit total to date 11.39 points

Monday's selections

Plumpton 2.0 Basic Fact 2nd 5-1

Plumpton 2.40 Ballyhoo 2nd 10-3

Plumpton 4.10 Paulo Dancer 1st 5-6 non qualifier

Pontefract 2.20 Angeletta non qualifier 8-1

Windsor 3.0 Grimes Glory lost 5-1

profit today 3 points giving 14.39 to date

Little plug here for Stable Stats - results for Sunday

6 runners - 3 wins 2 at 4-5, 1 at 5-1 Another win today at 3-1

Cost is only £10 intro offer - this price will only be held for a limited period. Get your copy from Horse4course-

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:20 pm Post subject: Racexpert Lay system selections


No Horse racing systems selections for Tuesday

Big Phil Guest

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 7:53 am Post subject:


Hi Chris Great tips for yesterday what odds do you class as to small to lay as Paulo Dancer was odds on I gave that one a miss and

ended up 3 pts up Many thanks Phil

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2006 5:14 pm Post subject:


Hi Phil

You are absolutely right about Paulo Dancer - evens is the lowest so this was a non qualifier. Thanks for pointing it out.

I think it worth putting Paulo Dancer in the notebook though as he won very comfortably. One of the new ones from the Pipe

stable and I expect Pipe junior to do well this year.

Of course not everyone can wait to the off before placing a bet so they may have taken evens on one of the Exchanges.

Sadly the system seems to sulking and there are no qualifiers for Wednesday.

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 4:27 pm Post subject: Racexpert Lay system selections


Lay Horse racing systems selections for Thursday

A couple to get us back into the swing of things

Brighton 4.30 Keep Backinhit non runner

Brighton 5.30 Sincerely 7th 3-1

Another point for the pot giving 15.39 points

Stable Stats enjoyed another good day finding Flake at 5-1

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 5:08 am Post subject: Racexpert Lay system selections


Horse racing systems Selections for Friday

Fakenham 2.10 House Martin 2nd 4-1

Newbury 2.30 Ebn Reem meeting abandoned

Newbury 4.40 Great Britain

1 point up giving 16.39 points profit

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 4:01 pm Post subject: RaceXpert Systems


Selections for Saturday

Kelso 2.35 Water Taxi 2nd 4-1

Lingfield 4.0 Londolozi 3rd 3-1

(I would be a bit wary of laying this one as she could improve past Thunderousapplause)

This proved to be the case but she was no match for the winner Malaath. Sorry if I put anyone off.


2 more points up giving 18.39 points profit - more than 83 now since January this year.

Sunday's Horse racing systems selection

Towcester 4.40 Jam Packed

Trainer Paul Nicholls

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