Euromillions Jackpots are often won by Syndicates...

In fact Euromillions Jackpots are snapped up by syndicates 1 in every 4 draws so I have been casting around in a search for friends and family who might like to form one - that is until I discovered LoveMyLotto.

LoveMyLotto is the easy way to play the lotteries in a syndicate - there are just 21 syndicate members who share any prizes.

Lottery Wheel

Lovemylotto just gets better and better as evidenced by their latest bright idea - a whole weeks FREE entries to the daily £1 million draw.

How cool is that - so fill out the £1 million Daily Draw form fast and put yourself in the draw free for 7 days.

Lovemylotto really is the easiest way to play - in fact today I received my winnings via Moneybookers; no fuss no bother.

Euromillions Winner Video

Here is a video on YouTube of a £1.2 million lottery winner who recently joined a syndicate. Just watch the video and hear the guys full story. I was amazed by what he had to say.

What is even better for syndicate players is the NEW Tuesday Euromillions Draw the first of which on 9th May 2011 boasts a £85 million Mega Jackpot - play NOW by clicking the graphic.

The operators are changing the format to introduce TWO extra Lucky Star Numbers from 1 to 11 instead of 1 to 9. This will mean more and bigger rollovers!

There will also be a lower prize category of just 2 numbers instead of 3 to win a prize.

As a special introduction to the new game, every member who is playing in a syndicate on 10th May gets a… FREE Syndicate Place For The £85 Million Draw

For the UK only there is also a new millionaire raffle 

There are 3 levels of membership - Bronze at £12 per month, Silver at £24 per month and Gold at £36 per month.

What You Get Every Week:


# 1 Entry in Daily Draw (2 days)

# 2 Entries into Wed UK Lottery

# 1 Entry into both Tue & Fri EuroMillions

# 2 Entries into Millionaire Raffle

# 2 Entries into Sat UK Lottery

# 10 Entries in Premium Bond Draw

35 Draws, 50 chances to win


* 1 Entry in Daily Draw (4 days)

* 5 Entries into Wed UK Lottery

* 2 Entry into both Tue & Fri EuroMillions

* 3 Entries into Millionaire Raffle

* 5 Entries into Sat UK Lottery

* 15 Entries in Premium Bond Draw*

44 Draws, 100 chances to win


* 1 Entry in Daily Draw (7 days)

* 10 Entries into Wed UK Lottery

* 3 Entry into both Tue & Fri EuroMillions

* 6 Entries into Millionaire Raffle

* 10 Entries into Sat UK Lottery

* 40 Entries in Premium Bond Draw*

57 Draws, 200 chances to win


* 16 Entries into Daily Draw

* 20 Entries into Wed UK Lottery

* 6 Entry into both Tue & Fri EuroMillions

* 12 Entries into Millionaire Raffle

* 20 Entries into Sat UK Lottery

80 chances to win for - 23p per chance

Join a Euromillions syndicate

by clicking the Pick A Syndicate ball and choose an option (it's entirely up to you but I've gone in as Gold). You are then alotted a place in a syndicate with lottery numbers already assigned.

You are given an account which enables you to login and check results to see if you have won a prize.

You are also advised of any win by email and can opt to have your winningspaid by cheque or through your Paypal account if you have one.

Your monthly fee can be paid by card or Paypal and you can cancel at any time by sending an email to NB PayPal customers also need to contact PayPal direct in order to cancel their subscription.

LoveMyLotto is part of The Jackpot Store Ltd and is is registered in England and Wales, Company No: 7145994, with administrative offices in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

Full details of all the Directors can be found on the site.

You may also opt to become an affiliate and earn commission on anyone you introduce to LoveMyLotto.

There are only 2 tiers available so this is not MLM. The first level pays 20% commission and the 2nd level pays 5%.

Details are still being finalised at the time of writing but you can join by clicking Affiliates on the homepage.

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