The Champion Bumper at Cheltenham

produces some very interesting statistics; for the Champion Bumper is a dream race from a punters point of view.

80.8% of the runners that contested the Cheltenham Bumper to date have gone on to win at least one contest.

When you consider the fact that 2/3 rds of racehorses never win a race it doesn't take a genius to see that following Bumper runners is going to give punters an edge.

Cheltenham Racecourse

Cheltenham Festival Champion Bumper 2011

Cheltenian (FR) 14/1 5 11-5 Philip Hobbs

Destroyer Deployed 66/1 5 11-5 Tim Vaughan

Aupcharlie (IRE) 33/1 5 11-5 P E Collins

Go All The Way (IRE) 16/1 6 11-5 Nigel Twiston-Davies

Cinders And Ashes 14/1 4 10-12 Donald McCain

Ericht (IRE) 5/1F 5 11-5 Nicky Henderson

Divine Rhapsody (IRE) 13/2 5 11-5 P J Rothwell

Cousin Khee 33/1 4 10-12 Hughie Morrison

Oscar Magic (IRE) 12/1 4 10-12 Nigel Twiston-Davies

The Tracey Shuffle 50/1 5 11-5 p David Pipe

Double Double (FR) 20/1 5 11-5 Charles O'Brien

Saint Luke (IRE) 66/1 6 11-5 Peter Bowen

Star Neuville (FR) 14/1 5 11-5 John Joseph Hanlon

Dark Glacier (IRE) 50/1 6 11-5 Chris Grant

Tusa Eire (IRE) 20/1 5 11-5 W P Mullins

Knockalongi 100/1 5 11-5 Oliver Sherwood

Dynamic Approach (IRE) 33/1 5 11-5 Edward U Hales

Bygones In Brid (IRE) 20/1 5 11-5 Alan King

Knight Pass (IRE) 7/1 5 11-5 Warren Greatrex

Master Murphy (IRE) 100/1 6 11-5 Jane Walton

Felix Yonger (IRE) 66/1 5 11-5 Howard Johnson

Raise The Beat 8/1 6 11-5 t C A Murphy

Twentyfourcarat (IRE) 25/1 6 11-5 Ian Williams

Lord Gale (IRE) 20/1 5 11-5 W P Mullins 

Cheltenham Festival Champion Bumper 2010

Cue Card

Al Ferof


Tavern Times


Dare Me


Sheer Genius

Made In Time

Bubbly Bruce

Back At The Ranch

Elegant Concorde

Up Ou That

Dunraven Storm

Super Villan

De Forgotten Man


On His Own

Hidden Universe

Shot From The Hip

Basford Bob

Shannon Spirit


Day Of A Lifetime

Cheltenham Festival Bumper 2009

At the time of writing (Sat Nov 7th)those to have run have amassed 21.90 points profit at SP

1 Dunguib

2 Some Present

3 Rite Of Passage

4 Quel Esprit

5 Morning Supreme

6 Lead The Parade

7 Cranky Corner

8 Shinrock Paddy

9 Pepe Simo

10 Benbane Head

11 Meath All Star

12 Long Strand

13 Latin America

14 Red Harbour

15 Gagewell Flyer

16 Sicilian Secret

17 Fennis Boy

18 Henry King

19 Abroad

20 Double Dash

21 Lightening Rod

22 Cadspeed

23 Bygones of Brid

24 Quinola Des Obeaux

In the Champion Bumper at Cheltenham for 2008 the runners were:

At the end of the year there was no profit or loss at SP

Apt Approach (IRE),

Big Eared Fran (IRE),

Cockleshell Road (IRE),

Cockney Trucker (IRE),

Corkage (IRE),

Corskeagh Royale (IRE),

Cottage Oak (IRE),

Cousin Vinny (IRE),

Drive On Regardles (IRE),

Genuine Pearl (IRE),

Gold Award,

Keki Buku (FR),

Kingston Lane (IRE),

Lilywhitedancer (IRE),

Lord Generous,

Mahonia (IRE),

Pineau De Re (FR),

Prince Geeno (IRE),

Quartetto (GER),


Shoreacres (IRE),

Youngstown (IRE),

Zaarito (IRE)

At the time of writing in early October not many have had a run, the exception being Corkage who appears to thrive on his racing.

Now sent over hurdles he has raced 6 times, winning twice at 10-1 and 5-1.

A reader comments: Great win for Corkage, just had a small bet but worth it. Thanks Chris. Brian.

Of the others who have run only Cousin Vinny has won at 9-2 so far. the other runners are:

Apt Approach

Cousin Vinny won 9-2

Quartetto twice

Genuine Pearl twice


Pineau De Re

In 2007 the following horses took part

Cork All Star (IRE)

Sophocles, Aranleigh (IRE)

Shirley Casper (IRE)

Fiveforthree (IRE)

Crocodiles Rock (IRE)

Cooldine (IRE)

Mad Fish (IRE)

One Gulp,

Lodge Lane (IRE)

Tot O´Whiskey,

Isn´t That Lucky,

Whatuthink (IRE)

Raven´s Run (IRE)

Just A Thought (IRE)

Judge Roy Bean (IRE)

Den Of Iniquity,

Berings Express (FR)

Choumakeur (FR)

Le Beau Bai (FR)


Sir Harry Ormesher,

Fiddling Again,

Enquiring Mind (IRE)

Whatuthink achieved the best odds win at 20-1, next best was Isn't That Lucky at 10-1, Sir Harry Ormesher at 9-1, Fiveforthree at 7-1.

One Gulp had 2 wins at 7-2 and 5-2, Whatuthink had a 2nd win at 11-4.

But the winner of the Champion Bumper, Cork All Star, proved disappointing and failed to win any of his 5 subsequent races, so he must have opted to retire on his laurels.

profit of 18.25 points at Starting Price would have been achieved by backing all the runners blind at level stakes.

With these facts in mind I am offering subscribers the opportunity to sign up for a free alert service to notify you when any Cheltenham Festival 2008 Bumper horses are running in the UK or Ireland. In the 'Type your message box' enter 'Bumper Alerts' 

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