Tipster Discount Scheme

The Discount Scheme that saves £££'s  on the best Sports Tipster Services

How can you save 10% and more on a whole range of tipster services?

Simply join my Tipster Discount Scheme which gives you access to some of the best tipster services around at discounts ranging from 10% - 30%.

Some of the biggest names in sports betting have joined our scheme with new tipsters joining all the time. Tipsters cover horse racing, football betting, greyhounds and many more sports. There is even a discount for a function that can place a tipster's tips directly on your Betfair account for you.

Discount Scheme Tipsters


Special Offer
Save over £200 in Tipster Fees

Betfan are one of the biggest names in sports betting tipsters and the Tipster Discount Scheme will give you a whopping 15% discount on a monthly revolving list of 5 top tipsters in the Betfan stable. Until the end of April 2017 the tipster services are:

Daily Doubles - save £6.66

David Mann’s Daily Doubles is a service that specialises in one point doubles and made 249.50 Points in less than 8 weeks

Early Odds - save £8.82

The One Point Level Stakes Win Specialist

Early Odds is the brain child of Max, a professional programmer and horse racing enthusiast from Montenegro.

WinKing - save £13.50

Win Singles with great results

Winners 15 - save £6.30

Lucky 15 tips identified by the WINNER15 System. 

Below is the advice shared... 

17:10 Ludlow Stephanie Frances

16:05 Ludlow Arkaim

15:40 Chepstow Buachaill Alainn

14:55 Ludlow Diamond Tammy 


All four horses won and made those on the bet a MASSIVE +533.90 points profit! 

Value Finder - save £7.20

Matt's aim is and always has been to offer members an innovative and comprehensive “Value Rater” Service. Providing a minimum of three selective investments per week and daily selections with festival races. 

*** Save up to £42.48 ***

BF Bot Manager well known for their internationally recognised betting bots. They are now operating a tipster service with a difference - TippingSports.

A function of the service enables the tips of any tipster to be placed automatically for you at Betfair. This means you will never miss a tip even if the tips need to be placed in the early hours.

Members of the Tipster Discount Scheme will enjoy an exclusive 15 days free trial (standard trial is just 5 days) . Monthly price for automated betting functionality is £29.95, so 10 extra days for free trial is worth around £10. As the monthly subscription of tipsters on the site are £25 - £30 this equates to around a 30% saving.

*** Save £10.00 ***

24-7 wagering is the ultimate betting site for NBA (MLB when in season) and horse racing. Used by thousands of people every day. Anything you need, tips, reviews, advice you can find it here. Our goal is to maximize your profit and will offer 20% discount.

Normal price is $30 - your price is $22

 *** Save $8.00 ***

Balearic Bets (Tennis)

The Tennis Branch of Balearic Bets - specialising in...Tennis! OUR SERVICE IS CURRENTLY RANKED WITHIN THE TOP 2 FOR TENNIS (ROI) and aims to make a weekly profit with weekly tips.

We have been providing tips since 2014 and have enjoyed relative success so far across many different platforms online. We aim to provide tips to subscribed members well in advance.

Most of our selections will be tipped at level stakes (so you can calculate our level stakes profit far easier). WE HAVE COLLECTED NUMEROUS AWARDS & PRIZES since we started providing tips so FEEL FREE TO EARN SOME MONEY, have some fun & SHARE OUR SUCCESS!

FAQ's: Why did you decide to join tipstrr?

To share my success with others to help them try to beat the bookies! Also, because it's currently one of the best tipster platforms available and it enables me to be completely transparent with my record as a Tipster.

Subscription plans, prices & discounts are listed below;

1 WEEK - £10.00

1 MONTH - £19.00

3 MONTHS - £45.00 (20% off monthly)

6 MONTHS - £79.00 (30% off monthly)

1 YEAR - £140.00 (40% off monthly) 

*** Save up to £91.20 ***

The Sports ‘ACE’ 

Approaching his 25th year of bookie domination The Sports ‘ACE’ continues to build his hall of fame legendary status as the world’s most prolific sports bettor, consultant and adviser ..

After establishing a name for himself in Canada in the early 90’s with 'Prime Time Superpix', which he owned and operated for over 15 years, he quickly became  one of the best handicappers in North America.

‘The Ace’ then decided on a new goal, to become one of the best in the world and advanced that dream by going global including the beautiful Mediterranean of Europe. He took some of the best cappers in the world with him to create the unparalleled prestigious syndicate called Sports System Specialists!

Discount offered is 10% off any Package

Cash Climber Club - Was $299 less 10% = $269.10 Save $29.90

Price per month - Beginner-Intermediate/Smaller Bankrolls

Best suited for $100-$500 players

1-5 plays daily

High Roller Club - Was $999 less 10% = $899.10 Save $99.90

price per month Intermediate-Pro/Higher Bankrolls

Best suited for $1000+ players

1-5 plays weekly

 NHL a/b/c Never Lost System -

Was $999 less 10% = $899.10 Save $99.90

price per season Small to Big players

Recommended $100+ per series

5-15 series per month

Handicapping for Newbies

We walk you through all the best online wagering sites, providing you with the information you will need to receive your $1600.00 in sign up bonuses, all while you are learning handicapping skills.

Normal fee is $20 - you pay nothing!

*** Discount is 100% *** sports tip service. Win or your money back. Guaranteed winning sports tips and picks daily. Pay after you win packages also available.

25% discount on any package save up to $50.00 a month

More Tipsters will be joining our team soon....

If you wish to join the scheme as a tipster please Contact Us


Special Offer
Save over £200 in Tipster Fees