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Newsletter - Tipsters Report
February 17, 2017

Here is a review of profitable Tipsters at Tipping Sports

Betting on tips and profitable tipsters by

It is now almost three months since we reviewed profitable tipsters at our new web site Since then we got many new members and tipsters that wanted to prove that their tips are profitable. Some of them were successful so we decided to update our betting bank page and review their tips. We also updated analysis for tipsters that we reviewed last time, so that analysis includes tips up to 14th February which gives us much better understanding of tipster potential profit.

Here is profit that those tipsters made with £10 as 1 point value after Betfair commission is paid:

Profit is calculated by using Betfair Start Price or price that was available 1-2 minutes before start time and Betfair commission of 5% is also deducted. Only for tipster ikanbillis65 we used 3% Betfair commission because of huge number of tips that this tipster placed which would increase your commission discount significantly.

For more details, analysis of those tipster tips and downloadable Excel spreadsheets with analysis and all tipster tips please visit our betting bank page.

Betting on all tips can be fully automated by using one of following two solutions:

  • Automatic betting on tips by TippingSports - recommended for new users and users that want "set and forget" solution for betting on tips. Registration is free and free 5 day trial is available to all registered users.
  • Bf Bot Manager V3 betting bot - recommended for advanced users that want to fine tune their settings or apply staking plans.
Both automated betting solutions are fully approved by Betfair security team.

Betting bank and tips analysis

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We are here to help you automate your betting!
The Bf Bot Manager team

Regards Chris

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